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Exhibit No.   Description
99.1   Investor Presentation of REE Automotive Ltd.







Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.


  By: /s/ Hai Aviv
  Name:  Hai Aviv
  Title: Chief Financial Officer


Date: October 7, 2021







Exhibit 99.1





Dis c laimer 2 . This presentation includes forward - looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements, other than statements of historical facts, may be forward - looking statements. Words such as “ may, ” “ will, ” “ should, ” “ likely, ” “ anticipates, ” “ expects, ” “ intends, ” “ plan, ” “ projects, ” “ believes, ” “ views, ” “ estimates ” , “ future ” , “ allow ” , “ aims ” , “ strives ” “ endeavors ” and similar expressions are used to identify these forward - looking statements. These statements include, among other things, the Company ’ s statements about the Company ’ s strategic and business plans, relationship or outlook, the impact of trends on and interest in its business, intellectual property product and future results. These forward - looking statements are based on REE ’ s expectations and beliefs concerning future events and involve risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations. These factors are difficult to predict accurately and may be beyond REE ’ s control. Forward - looking statements in this or any other REE communication are only as of the date made and REE undertakes no obligation to update its forward - looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise, should circumstances change, except as otherwise required by securities and other applicable laws. In light of these risks and uncertainties, investors should keep in mind that results, events or developments discussed in any forward - looking statement made in this communication may not occur. Uncertainties and risk factors that could affect REE ’ s future performance and cause results to differ from the forward - looking statements in this release include, but are not limited to: REE ’ s ability to commercialize its strategic plan; REE ’ s ability to maintain and advance relationships with current Tier 1 suppliers and strategic partners; development of REE ’ s advanced prototypes into marketable products; REE ’ s ability to grow and scale manufacturing capacity through relationships with Tier 1 suppliers; REE ’ s estimates of unit sales, expenses and profitability and underlying assumptions; REE ’ s reliance on its UK Engineering Center of Excellence for the design, validation, verification, testing and homologation of its products; REE ’ s limited operating history; risks associated with REE ’ s plans for initial commercial production; the ability of raw materials and other critical components including semiconductor microchips; REE ’ s dependence on potential suppliers, some of which will be single or limited source; development of the market for commercial EVs; intense competition in the e - mobility space, including with competitors who have significantly more resources; risks related to the fact that the Company is incorporated in Israel and governed by Israeli law; REE ’ s ability to make continued investments in its platform; the impact of the ongoing COVID - 19 pandemic and any other worldwide health epidemics or outbreaks that may arise; the need to attract, train and retain highly - skilled technical workforce; changes in laws and regulations that impact REE; REE ’ s ability to enforce, protect and maintain intellectual property rights; REE ’ s ability to retain engineers and other highly qualified employees to further its goals; and other risks and uncertainties set forth in the sections entitled “ Risk Factors ” and “ Cautionary Note Regarding Forward - Looking Statements ” in REE ’ s final prospectus relating to its business combination filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “ SEC ” ) on July 1, 2021 and in subsequent filings with the SEC. While the list of factors discussed above and the list of factors presented in the final prospectus are considered representative, no such list should be considered to be a complete statement of all potential risks and uncertainties. Unlisted factors may present significant additional obstacles to the realization of forward - looking statements. Industry and Market Data In this presentation, REE relies on and refers to publicly available information and statistics regarding market participants in the sectors in which REE competes and other industry data. Any comparison of REE to the industry or to any of its competitors is based on this publicly available information and statistics and such comparisons assume the reliability of the information available to REE. REE obtained this information and statistics from third - party sources, including reports by market research firms and company filings. While REE believes such third - party information is reliable, there can be no assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of the indicated information. REE has not independently verified the information provided by third - party sources. Trademarks: This presentation may contain trademarks, service marks, trade names and copyrights of other companies, which are the property of their respective owners . Solely for convenience, some of the trademarks, service marks, trade names and copyrights referred to in this presentation may be listed without the TM, SM, © or ® symbols, but REE will assert, to the fullest extent under applicable law, the rights of the applicable owners, if any, to these trademarks, service marks, trade names and copyrights .



REE ’ s Vision We strive to be the cornerstone on which mobility players can build their future services, unbound by legacy thinking, utilizing REE’s modular and scalable EV platform



Confidential and Propriety Information REEcorner TM video



7 Key Highlights The Cornerstone of Next Generation Electric Mobility Tailwinds - $700 billion 1 global market undergoing rapid transformation - Regulatory environment; maturing technology; consumer behavior Highly Differentiated from other EV Offerings - Technology: REEcorner TM and by - wire technology enables a fully flat, highly modular chassis - REE’s tech & business model are agnostic to who or what wins, as market develops - Battery vs. Fuel Cell - Autonomous vs. Human Driven - Horizontal approach – complete, not compete - Lower development cost, faster time to market TAM: Largest 2 in Peer Group - Best approach: Horizontal B2B business model - Build platforms in multiple sizes, for multiple applications, faster and at lower cost Team - Synergy gained from blend of entrepreneurs, seasoned executives with technology and automotive experience - Diverse, progressive, highly accomplished R&D, Engineers and Operational members from major players Traction / Go - to - Market Momentum - Launching in a fast - growing segment - Blue - chip strategic partners, investors and potential customers - Scalable, capex - light model 2SWLRQ 5(( ; :,3 (1) Based on REE’s projected average selling price and Frost & Sullivan forecast (2) See slide : Unique Technology & Go - To - Market Strategy Relative to New Mobility Players



REE strives to be the cornerstone for future electric vehicles Scalable and modular corner technology for broad range of EVs - Massive and rapidly growing TAM: 3.1M units today, projected to grow to 13.1M in 2025 and 34.7M in 2030 Unique horizontal approach and rapid platform development cycle - Developing 4 functional platform classes for multi - segment coverage - 70+ pending or granted patents across design, component engineering & software Collaborative go to market strategy secures path to commercialization - Validates demand across multiple markets: collaborations on GTM with Magna, Hino, JB Poindexter, Navya, Mitsubishi Corporation, a global logistics company, MaaS operator Strong global automotive Tier 1 network de - risks execution path - Capex light and flexible manufacturing approach - Vendors’ network includes American Axle, Musashi, KYB, NSK, Iochpe - Maxion and more - Targeting initial commercial production – 2022, mass production - 2023 6 Industry Disruptor Positioned for Long - Term and Sustainable Growth



Tech Overview





9 Extensive IP Portfolio Across Design, Component Engineering & Software ~70 Patents 1 Z ďŽĂƌĚ ߤ &ůĂ ƚ ĐŚĂƐƐ ŝ Ɛ ߤ Ž Ŷ ƚ ƌ Ž ů Ɛ LJ Ɛ ƚ Ğ ŵ ƐĂŶĚ ĞůĞĐƚƌŝĨŝĐĂƚŝŽŶ Z ĐŽƌŶĞ ƌ dD ߤ ŽŵƉŽŶĞ Ŷ ƚƐ ŝŶ ǁŚĞĞů Ă ƌ ĐŚ ߤ DŽ ƚ Ž ƌ Ɛ ŝŶ ďŽĂ ƌ ĚĂƐ Ĩ Ƶů ů LJ ƐƉ ƌ ƵŶ Ő ŵ ĂƐƐĞƐ ߤ , ŝŐŚ ƉĞ ƌ Ĩ Ž ƌ ŵĂŶĐĞ Đ ŽŵƉĂĐ ƚ Ɛ Ƶ ƐƉĞŶƐ ŝ ŽŶ ߤ dž ƚ ĞŶĚĞĚ Ɛ ƚ Ğ Ğ ƌ ŝ Ŷ Ő ƉĞ ƌ ǀ Žů ƵŵĞ ߤ / Ŷ ƚ ĞŐ ƌ Ăƚ ĞĚ Ɖ Žǁ Ğ ƌ ƚ ƌ Ă ŝ Ŷ ߤ / Ŷ ƚ Ğ ƌ Ĩ ĂĐĞƐ ƚ Ž Ğ dž ƚ Ğ ƌ Ŷ Ăů Θ ƌ Ğ ŵ Ž ƚ Ğ Ɛ LJƐ ƚ Ğ ŵ Ɛ ߤ ^ŵĂƌƚ ƐĞƌǀŝĐĞ Θ ƉƌĞǀĞŶƚŝǀĞ ŵĂŝŶƚĞŶĂŶĐĞ / ǁŝƚŚ Kd ƵƉĚĂƚĞƐ ߤ ^ŵĂ ƌ ƚ Đ Ž ƌ ŶĞ ƌ Ɛ ߤ Ĩ ĨŝĐŝĞ Ŷ ƚ Ž Ĩ Ĩ Ͳ ǀ ĞŚŝĐ ů Ğ Ɛ Ğ ƌ ǀŝĐŝ ŶŐ Z ďŽĂƌĚ н Z ĐŽƌŶĞ ƌ dD ߤ & Ƶůů Ɛƚ ĞĞ ƌ Ͳ ď ƌ ĞĂ Ŭ Ͳ Ěƌŝ ǀ Ğ Ͳ ď LJ Ͳ ǁŝ ƌ Ğ ;^tͬtͬtͿ ߤ Z ĞĚ Ƶ Ŷ Ě Ă ŶĐ LJ Ă Ŷ Ě ƐĂ Ĩ Ğ ƚLJ ߤ DŽĚ Ƶ ů Ăƌŝ ƚ LJ ߤ K ƉĞ ƌ Ă ƚŝ Ž ŶĂů ^ LJŶĞ ƌ Ő LJ ď Ğ ƚ ǁ ĞĞŶ ZĐŽƌŶĞƌƐ dD ߤ Ŷ Ğ ƌ Ő LJ Ğ Ĩ ĨŝĐŝĞ Ŷ ĐLJΘ ƉĞƌĨŽƌŵĂŶĐĞ ߤ & Ă Ɛ ƚ ƌ ĞƉ ů ĂĐĞŵĞ Ŷ ƚ Ă Ŷ Ě ĂĐ ƚ ŝ ǀ Ă ƚ ŝ ŽŶ ߤ ƌ ĞĂ ĚLJ (1) Pending and granted patents



10 From the Track



Technology Comparison 11 5(( YV &RQYHQWLRQDO (9 3ODWIRUPV 5((FRUQHU dD (9 3ODWIRUPV ; ϭ Ϳ ƐƐƵŵĞƐ ϯϲ͕ϱϬϬ Ŭŵ ŝŶ ŽƉĞƌĂƚŝŽŶ ƉĞƌ LJĞĂƌ ĨŽƌ Ă ϭϬ LJĞĂƌƐ ƉĞƌŝŽĚ͘ dŽƚĂůŽƐƚ ŽĨ KǁŶĞƌƐŚŝƉ ŝŶĐůƵĚĞƐ ƉƵƌĐŚĂƐĞ ƉƌŝĐĞ н Ğ QHUJ\ ĐŽƐƚ н ŝŶĨƌĂƐƚƌƵĐƚƵƌĞ ĐŽƐƚ н ŵĂŝŶƚĞŶĂŶĐĞ ĐŽƐƚ ůĞƐƐ ƌĞƐŝĚƵĂů ǀĂůƵĞ͘ ŽŵƉĞƚŝƚŽƌ ĚĂƚĂ ďĂƐĞĚ ŽŶ ƉƵďůŝĐůLJ ĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ ŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝŽŶ ĂŶĚ ƐƚĂƚŝƐƚŝĐƐ ƌĞŐĂƌĚŝŶŐ ŵĂƌŬĞƚ ƉĂƌƚŝĐŝƉĂŶƚƐ ŝŶ ƚŚĞƐĞĐƚŽƌƐ ŝŶ ǁŚŝĐŚ Z ĐŽŵƉĞƚĞƐ ĂŶĚ ĂŶĂůLJnjĞĚ ďLJ Z ͛ Ɛ ŝŶƚĞƌŶĂů ƌĞƐĞĂƌĐŚ ƚĞĂŵ͘ ŝĞƐĞů ǀĞŚŝĐůĞ ĐŽŵƉůŝĂŶƚ ǁŝƚŚ ƵƌŽ ϲ ƐƚĂŶĚĂƌĚƐ &RQYHQWLRQDO (9 3ODWIRUPV Modularity Agnostic to vehicle parameters such as size, shape and weight Serviceability Superior TCO 1 enabled by REEcorner TM under an hour Corner to Corner replacements Motor Placement Positioned inboard as a fully sprung mass (unlike Hub Motors which increase unsprung mass) Steering Technology Proprietary Single Wheel Steer - by - Wire systems designed with available All Wheel Steer (AWS) Braking Technology Proprietary Single Wheel Brake - by - Wire system designed to enable better response time (TTL), full redundancies and higher performance Power Source Agnostic to power source (battery or fuel cell) Autonomous Drive REE technology designed to manage all vehicle dynamics functions, allowing for smoother and safer autonomous driving and faster time to market REE’s advantages






Modularity Complete Freedom of Design Product Technology Maximum Function & Operational Efficiencies Execution Speed to Market While Mitigating Risks Future - proof – Agnostic to vehicle dimensions, payload, power source and driver. Upgradeable functionality over time Design for Serviceability – Quick corner swap capabilities enable low MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and reduced spare part inventories due to maximum common components /ŶĚƵƐƚƌLJΖƐ ĨůĂƚƚĞƐƚ ƉůĂƚĨŽƌŵ Ͳ ĞŶĂďůĞƐ ŵƵĐŚ ŵŽƌĞ ƌŽŽŵĨŽƌ ƉĂƐƐĞŶŐĞƌƐ͕ ĐĂƌŐŽ ĂŶĚ ďĂƚƚĞƌŝĞƐ;ůŽŶŐĞƌ ƌĂŶŐĞƐĨŽƌ ĨĞǁĞƌ ƌŽƵƚĞƐͿ ,ŽƌŝnjŽŶƚĂů ŵĂƌŬĞƚƐƚƌĂƚĞŐLJ ĞŶĂďůĞƐ ŵĂdžŝŵƵŵ ƐƉĞĞĚ ƚŽ ŵĂƌŬĞƚ͕ ŵŝŶŝŵƵŵ ŝŶǀĞƐƚŵĞŶƚ ĂŶĚ ƉƌĞĨĞƌĂďůĞ ǀĂƌŝĂďůĞ ĐŽƐƚ ƐƚƌƵĐƚƵƌĞ džƚĞŶƐŝǀĞŶĞƚǁŽƌŬ ŽĨ ŐůŽďĂůƉĂƌƚŶĞƌƐ ʹ ŝŶĐůƵĚŝŶŐ ůĞĂĚŝŶŐ ĂƵƚŽŵŽƚŝǀĞ ƐƵƉƉůŝĞƌƐ͕ ĨŽƌ ƌĞĚƵĐĞĚ ƌŝƐŬ ĂƐƐŽĐŝĂƚĞĚǁŝƚŚ ŶĞǁ ƚĞĐŚŶŽůŽŐLJ Single Wheel XBW technology – Proprietary technology integrating e - motors, steering, braking, suspension and control components into one complete system controlled by a network of ECUs (Electric Control Units) Low TCO 1 – Highest volumetric efficiency, lower maintenance costs, robust designs, and longer lifecycles via upgradeable corners and bodies Customized body design, performance, ADAS level, functionality and service layers for mission - specific applications CapEx - light integration strategy – minimal capital investments, simplified processes, multiple global locations for optimal global footprint (1) Assumes 36,500 km in operation per year for a 10 years period Total Cost of Ownership includes purchase price + e nergy cost + infrastructure cost + maintenance cost less residual value. Competitor data based on publicly available information and statistics regarding market participants in the sectors in which REE competes and analyzed by REE internal research team. Diesel vehicle compliant with Euro 6 standards 5( ( ͛ V 9 DOX H 3 U RSRVLWLRQ ʹ % H \ R Q G(9V ^ŚŽƌƚƚŝŵĞ ƚŽ ŵĂƌŬĞƚ ʹ ^ŚŽƌƚ ĚĞƐŝŐŶ͕ ĚĞǀĞůŽƉŵĞŶƚ ĂŶĚĂƐƐĞŵďůLJ ĐLJĐůĞ ĞŶĂďůĞƐ KDƐ ĂŐŝůĞ ƌĞĂĐƚŝŽŶƐƚŽĞǀŽůǀŝŶŐďƵƐŝŶĞƐƐ ŵŽĚĞůƐ͕ ŵĂƌŬĞƚ ŽƉƉŽƌƚƵŶŝƚŝĞƐ͕ƌĞŐƵůĂƚŝŽŶƐ ĂŶĚ ĐŽŵƉĞƚŝƚŝǀĞ ĂĐƚŝŽŶƐ ŽƐƚĞĨĨŝĐŝĞŶĐŝĞƐĨŽƌ KDƐ Ͳ ZĞĚƵĐĞĚ ĞŶŐŝŶĞĞƌŝŶŐ ĚĞǀĞůŽƉŵĞŶƚ ĂŶĚ ĚĞƐŝŐŶ ĐŽƐƚ Incremental revenue - maximum market coverage, software and service monetization, Integrated DaaS capabilities



Only fully horizontal player • The largest addressable market • Unified and complete full system solution • Can collaborate with a variety of market players REE's Cornerstone Solution Horizontal Player for Maximum Addressable Market 14



; ϭ Ϳ ; Ϯ Ϳ ; ϯ Ϳ ĂƐĞĚ ŽŶZ ͛ Ɛ ĂǀĞƌĂŐĞ ƐĞůůŝŶŐ ƉƌŝĐĞ ĂŶĚ &ƌŽƐƚ Θ ^ƵůůŝǀĂŶ &ŽƌĞĐĂƐƚ ĂƐĞĚ ŽŶ &ƌŽƐƚ Θ ^ƵůůŝǀĂŶ &ŽƌĞĐĂƐƚ dŚĞƐĞƉƌŽũĞĐƚŝŽŶƐ ĂƌĞ ĨŽƌ ŝůůƵƐƚƌĂƚŝǀĞ ƉƵƌƉŽƐĞƐ ŽŶůLJ ĂŶĚƐŚŽƵůĚ ŶŽƚ ďĞ ƌĞůŝĞĚ ƵƉŽŶ ĂƐ ďĞŝŶŐ ŶĞĐĞƐƐĂƌLJ ŝŶĚŝĐĂƚŝǀĞ ŽĨ ĨƵƚƵƌĞ ƌĞƐƵůƚƐ 5(( ͛ V ,QQRYDWLYH 3ODWIRUP 6HUYHV ! %Q 7RWDO $GGUHVVDEOH 0DUNHW 7$0 6LJQLILFDQW *URZWK ([SHFWHG LQ (DFK RI 5(( ͛ V 7DUJHW 2SSRUWXQLWLHV A u to n omo u s De li ver y : 4 % Light Commercial Vehicles: 6% Mid Duty Commercial V eh i c les: 2 % E - Shuttles and Robotaxi / MaaS: 28% 15 $700 B n + 1 7RW DO 0DU NH W 2S S R U W XQ L W\ 3 DV V H Q J HU 9 HK L F OHV D dƌƵĐŬ ͬ s ƵƐ TAM Breakdown 1 Scalable Modular Architecture Supports All Mission Specific EVs E - LCV / EV Shuttle Mid Mile Delivery Robo Taxi / PV >ĂƐƚ DŝůĞ ĞůŝǀĞƌLJ ϯ ͘ϭ ϰ ͘ϰ 6 .4 9 .3 13 .1 15 .3 19 .1 Ϯϵ ͘ϯ Ϯϰ͘ϯ ϯϰ ͘ϳ ϮϬϮϭ ϮϬϮϮ ϮϬϮϯ ϮϬϮϰ ϮϬϮϱ ϮϬϮϲ ϮϬϮϳ ϮϬϮϴ ϮϬϮϵ ϮϬϯϬ dŽƚĂů s dD ;hŶŝƚƐ ŝŶ DŝůůŝŽŶƐͿ



15 6 10.7 ϭϭ ϭϯ͘ϴ ĂƌŐŽ sŽůƵŵĞ ;ŵ ϯ Ϳ Best - In - Class Specifications Across e - LCV Classes 1 16 REEcorner TM & Control technology enables the most functional vehicles across key segments. 2.68 1.17 ϭ͘ϳϵ ϭ͘ϴϭ Ϯ͘ϰ Cargo Volume / Length (m3/m) Class 2 Vehicles More Cargo Volume & Cargo Volume per meter length – carries more, less routes (1) Data based on publicly available information and statistics regarding market participants in the sectors in which REE competes. REE information based on current Class 2 and Mid and Short haul design (2) Compared to Mercedes eSprinter 2 , 50 0 Length Cargo Volume Sprinter 144’’ 5,925mm 10.5m M e rc e d e s eS printer 6,088mm 11.0m Short haul powered by REE 5,600mm 15.0m 8% Shorter 2 36% more space 2 2,040 5,600



Best - In - Class Specifications Across e - LCV Classes 1 17 1 3 . 6 1 5 . 7 1 2 . 9 Turning Radius (m) 40 5 5 . 7 45 Step in Height (cm) 80 41 36 35 0D[ %DWWHU\ &DSDFLW\ N:K Max Battery Capacity – longer distance capabilities for more transactions / route Low Step Height – better ergonomics for driver, more cargo volume for a given vehicle height Minimal Turning Radius – better maneuverability & drivability in urban areas ; ϭ Ϳ ĂƚĂ ďĂƐĞĚ ŽŶ ƉƵďůŝĐůLJ ĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ ŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝŽŶ ĂŶĚ ƐƚĂƚŝƐƚŝĐƐ ƌĞŐĂƌĚŝŶŐ ŵĂƌŬĞƚ ƉĂƌƚŝĐŝƉĂŶƚƐ ŝŶ ƚŚĞ ƐĞĐƚŽƌƐ ŝŶ ǁŚŝĐŚ Z ĐŽŵƉĞƚĞƐ͘ Z ŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝŽŶ ďĂƐĞĚ ŽŶ ĐƵƌƌĞŶƚ ĐůĂƐƐ Ϯ ĚĞƐŝŐŶ ůĂƐƐ Ϯ sĞŚŝĐůĞƐ



Superior Total Cost of Ownership sĞŚŝĐůĞ ߤ ^ƵƉĞƌŝŽƌ ĨŽŽƚƉƌŝŶƚ͕ ǁĞŝŐŚƚ͕ ĐĂƌŐŽ ǀŽůƵŵĞ ĂŶĚ ƉĂLJůŽĂĚ ĂƚƚƌŝďƵƚĞƐ ߤ ĞƚƚĞƌ ŵĂ Ŷ ĞƵǀĞƌĂ ď ŝ ů ŝƚLJ Θ ĨĂƐƚĞ ƌ Ɖ ĂƌŬŝ Ŷ Ő ߤ dž ƚƌĂ ƐƉĂ ĐĞ ƚŽ ĐĂƌƌLJ ŵ Ž ƌĞ Ő ŽŽ Ě Ɛ Ɖ Ğƌ ƌŽ Ƶ ƚĞ ߤ > Ž ǁ ĐĞŶƚĞƌ Ž Ĩ Ő ƌĂǀŝƚLJ ߤ &ů Ğdžŝ ď ůĞ ď ĂƚƚĞƌLJ Ɖ ĂĐŬĂŐ ŝŶ Ő Ĩ Žƌ ŵ Ădžŝŵ Ƶ ŵ ƌĂ Ŷ Ő Ğ DĂŝŶƚĞŶĂŶĐĞ ŽƐƚƐ ߤ YƵ ŝ ĐŬ ZĐ Ž ƌ Ŷ Ğƌ dD ƌĞƉ ů ĂĐĞ ŵ ĞŶƚƐ ʹ ĞĨĨŝĐŝĞ Ŷ ƚ ŵ Ž ĚƵ ůĞ ƐǁĂƉ Ɛ Ĩ Žƌ ƌĞĚ Ƶ ĐĞĚ DddZ ߤ ZĞĚƵĐĞĚ ƐĐŚĞĚƵůĞĚ ŵĂŝŶƚĞŶĂŶĐĞ ǀŝĂ WƌĞǀĞŶƚĂƚŝǀĞ DĂŝŶƚĞŶĂŶĐĞ / ߤ Dŝ Ŷ ŝŵĂů Ě Ž ǁŶƚŝ ŵ Ğ WŽǁĞƌ ĂŶĚ /ŶĨƌĂƐƚƌƵĐƚƵƌĞ ߤ W Ž ǁĞƌ Ă ŐŶ Ž Ɛƚŝ Đ ; s Ž ƌ &s Ϳ ߤ D Ž ĚƵ ůĂƌ Ɖ ĂĐŬ Đ Ž ŶĨŝ Ő Ƶ ƌĂƚŝ Ž Ŷ Ɛ ߤ & ĂƐƚ Ă Ŷ Ě Ɛ ŵĂ ƌ ƚ Đ Ś Ă ƌ Ő ŝ Ŷ Ő >ŝĨĞĐLJĐůĞ ߤ Ƶ ŝ ů ƚ ƚŽ ůĂƐƚ͕ х ϭϮ Ͳ LJĞĂƌ ů ŝĨĞĐ LJ ĐůĞƐ ߤ ŽĚLJ ĐĂŶ ďĞ ƌĞďƵŝůƚ ǁŝƚŚŽƵƚ ĐŚĂŶŐŝŶŐ ĐŽƌŶĞƌƐ ߤ W Ž ǁĞƌ Ɛ Ž Ƶ ƌĐĞ ƵƉŐ ƌĂ Ě ĞĂď ů Ğ Ž ǀĞƌ ƚŝ ŵ Ğ ߤ ŽŵƉŽŶĞŶƚ ĂŶĚ ĨƵŶĐƚŝŽŶ ƵƉŐƌĂĚĞƐ ŽǀĞƌ ƚŝŵĞ 19% reduction from new generation EV Vans 49% reduction from traditional Diesel Vans ůĂƐƐ ϰ sĂŶƐ ϴ й ƌĞĚƵĐƚŝŽŶ ĨƌŽŵ s sĂŶƐ ϱϵ й ƌĞĚƵĐƚŝŽŶ ĨƌŽŵƚƌĂĚŝƚŝŽŶĂů ŝĞƐĞů sĂŶƐ ϮϬϮϯ z Ψ Ϭ͘ϯ Ϭ ͬŬ ŵ 2021 CY $0.3 3 /k m ϮϬϮϭ z Ψ Ϭ͘ϳϰ ͬŬ ŵ ;ϭͿ ƐƐƵŵĞƐ ϯϲ͕ϱϬϬ Ŭŵ ŝŶ ŽƉĞƌĂƚŝŽŶ ƉĞƌ LJĞĂƌ ĨŽƌ Ă ϭϬ LJĞĂƌƐ ƉĞƌŝŽĚ dŽƚĂů ŽƐƚ ŽĨ KǁŶĞƌƐŚŝƉ ŝŶĐůƵĚĞƐ ƉƵƌĐŚĂƐĞ ƉƌŝĐĞ нĞ QHUJ\ ĐŽƐƚ н ŝŶĨƌĂƐƚƌƵĐƚƵƌĞ ĐŽƐƚ н ŵĂŝŶƚĞŶĂŶĐĞ ĐŽƐƚ ůĞƐƐ ƌĞƐŝĚƵĂů ǀĂůƵĞ͘ ŽŵƉĞƚŝƚŽƌ ĚĂƚĂ ďĂƐĞĚ ŽŶ ƉƵďůŝĐůLJ ĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ ŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝŽŶ ĂŶĚ ƐƚĂƚŝƐƚŝĐƐ ƌĞŐĂƌĚŝŶŐ ŵĂƌŬĞƚ ƉĂƌƚŝĐŝƉĂŶƚƐ ŝŶ ƚŚĞƐĞĐƚŽƌƐ ŝŶ ǁŚŝĐŚ Z ĐŽŵƉĞƚĞƐ ĂŶĚĂŶĂůLJnjĞĚ ďLJ Z ŝŶƚĞƌŶĂů ƌĞƐĞĂƌĐŚ ƚĞĂŵ͘ ŝĞƐĞů ǀĞŚŝĐůĞ ĐŽŵƉůŝĂŶƚǁŝƚŚ ƵƌŽ ϲ ƐƚĂŶĚĂƌĚƐ ;ϮͿ ƐƐƵŵĞƐ dƌĂĚŝƚŝŽŶĂů &ůĞĞƚ ƌĞƉƌĞƐĞŶƚƐ ϮϬ ůĂƐƐ ϰ ǀĞŚŝĐůĞƐ ĞĂĐŚĚĞůŝǀĞƌŝŶŐ ϯϬϬ ƉĂĐŬĂŐĞƐ ĚĂŝůLJ͕ Z&ůĞĞƚ ǀĞŚŝĐůĞƐ ǁŝƚŚ ϯϬ й ŵŽƌĞ ĐĂƌƌLJŝŶŐ ĐĂƉĂĐŝƚLJ͘ &ůĞĞƚ ĂŶĚ ƵƐĂŐĞ ĚĂƚĂ ďĂƐĞĚ ŽŶ ƉƵďůŝĐůLJ ĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ ŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝŽŶ ĂŶĚ ƐƚĂƚŝƐƚŝĐƐ ƌĞŐĂƌĚŝŶŐ ůŽŐŝƐƚŝĐƐ ŽƉĞƌĂƚŝŽŶƐ ĂŶĂůLJnjĞĚ ďLJ Z ŝŶƚĞƌŶĂů ƌĞƐĞĂƌĐŚ ƚĞĂŵ͘ ŽĞƐ ŶŽƚ ŝŶĐůƵĚĞ ƐĂǀŝŶŐƐ ĂƐƐŽĐŝĂƚĞĚ ǁŝƚŚ ĚƌŝǀĞƌ ĞĨĨŝĐŝĞŶĐŝĞƐ͘ dŽƚĂů ŽƐƚ ŽĨ KǁŶĞƌƐŚŝƉ ϭ $ 9 1 ,2 50 5(( 3 (OHFWULF ϮϬϮϯ z Ψ Ϭ͘ϮϬ ͬŬŵ Electric 2023 CY $0.25/km Class 2 Vans 'LHVHO ϮϬϮϭ z Ψ Ϭ͘ϰϬ ͬŬ ŵ REE P7 Electric (OHFWULF ' L H V H O Fleet Size Output Baseline – Traditional Fleet Z &ůĞĞƚ^ŝnjĞ KƵƚƉƵƚ KƉƚŝŽŶ ϭ ͗>ĞƐƐ sĞŚŝĐůĞƐ ŝŶ &ůĞĞƚ Ϯϲ й dK ƐĂǀŝŶŐƐ ĨƌŽŵ ĚŽǁŶƐŝnjŝŶŐ ĨůĞĞƚ &ƵƌƚŚĞƌ ďĞŶĞĨŝƚƐ ĐĂŶ ďĞ ƌĞĂůŝnjĞĚ Ăƚ ƚŚĞ &ůĞĞƚ >ĞǀĞů Ϯ ͗ Z &ůĞĞƚ ^ŝnjĞ KƵƚƉƵƚ KƉƚŝŽŶ Ϯ ͗ DŽƌĞ ŽƵƚƉƵƚ Ϯϵ й dK ƐĂǀŝŶŐƐ ǀƐ ĐŽŵƉĂƌĂďůĞ ůĂƌŐĞƌ ĨůĞĞƚ






Go - to - Market Strategy dŝ Ğƌ ϭ Ğ W Ž ǁ Ğƌ ƚ ƌ ĂŝŶ ^ƚĞĞƌŝŶŐ ƌĂŬŝŶŐ ^ƵƐƉĞŶƐŝŽŶ dŝ Ğƌ Ϯ ĂƚƚĞƌLJ ΘD^ W Ž ǁ Ğƌ ů Ğ Đ ƚ ƌ Ž Ŷ ŝ Đ Ɛ ŚĂƐƐŝƐ ^ŝůŝĐŽŶ ŚŝƉƐ Addi t ional L a y er s ƵƚŽŶŽŵLJ ĂĂ^ DĂŝ Ŷ ƚ Ğ Ŷ Ă ŶĐ Ğ ĨƚĞƌƐĂůĞƐ %UDQG 2ZQHUV – Logistics – Fleets – Tech Companies – C ommer c ial Operat ors – MaaS – OEMs WŽǁĞƌĞĚ ďLJ 5(( &RQWUDFW 0DQXIDFWXUHUV Strategic collaborations:






WŽǁĞƌĞĚ ďLJ 5(( REE Hino Business Alliance 7RS 'HVLJQ :LQQHU LQ 'HVLJQ IRU 6RFLHW\ ʹ



$25,000 $8,961 Gross Revenue )URQW &RUQHUV Rear Corners Labor & Others 3ODWIRUP *URVV 3URILW a *URVV 3URILW 0DUJLQ $WWUDFWLYH 6LQJOH 3ODWIRUP 8QLW (FRQRPLFV Platform 4T – Up to 4 - ton Light - Duty Commercial Vehicle ^LJƐƚĞŵ Cost REE Platform $25,000 Battery 3 $10,800 Body 4 $9,600 Total Vehicle Cost $45,400 dŽƚĂů sĞŚŝĐůĞ ŽƐƚ $67 $ 57 Ψ ϱϬ Ψ ϳϲ DĂƐƚĞƌ ϯ͘ϭ d sŽůŬƐǁĂŐĞŶd Ğ d ƌĂŶ Ɛ ƉŽƌƚ Ğ ƌ ϯ ͘Ϯ d Mercedes eVito 3.2T sŽůŬƐǁĂŐĞŶ Ğ Ͳ ƌĂĨƚĞƌ ϱ͘ϱ d ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ( 5 ) Example calculation based on current P4 platform. Excludes drive motors and battery. Estimated cost based on comparative LCV models. Assumes $180 / kWh Estimated cost based on comparative LCV models. MSRP, excluding taxes and grants. Based on publicly available information and statistics regarding market participants in the sectors in which REE competes. ŝůů ŽĨ DĂƚĞƌŝĂůƐ Ăƚ DĂƐƐ WƌŽĚƵĐƚŝŽŶ ϭ 3ODWIRUP ŽŵƉĂƌĂďůĞ >s D^ZWƐ ;Ψ ŝŶ ŬͿ ϱ



8QLTXH 7HFKQRORJ\ *R 7R 0DUNHW 6WUDWHJ\ 5HODWLYH WR 1HZ 0RELOLW\ 3OD\HUV 24 Source: Pitchbook, S&P Global Market Intelligence, Investor Presentations, Company Filings and Company Website. (1) Based on REE’s average selling price and Frost & Sullivan Forecast 2030E TAM. (2) Planned expansion for 2022 2 1 Class 2 & 7 $430 Bn Class 2 & 3 NA US, UK, India, Germany, Russia, Netherlands US, EU 4 # of Platforms 4 A d d r e ss a ble Market Cl a s s 1 - 6 $70 0 Bn 3 Global Footprint Israel, US, UK, Germany, Japan Go - To - Market Partners Production Partners



25 Execution Overview



26 <ĞLJĐŚŝĞǀĞŵĞŶƚƐ ƵƌŝŶŐ ϮϬϮϭ KŶ ƚƌĂĐŬ ĨŽƌ ϮϬϮϯ ĐŽŵŵĞƌĐŝĂů ƉƌŽĚƵĐƚŝŽŶ )HE - XQH Marc h July REE Center of Excellence • Accelerate engineering design, validation, verification and testing, as well as product homologation American Axle Manufacturing Joint Development Agreement for Advanced Driveline Systems JB Poindexter & Co • Strategic Collaboration to Develop Commercial Electric Vehicles 1DY\D ^ƚƌĂƚĞŐŝĐ ĚĞǀĞůŽƉŵĞŶƚ ĂŐƌĞĞŵĞŶƚ ǁŝƚŚ ůĞĂĚŝŶŐ ĂƵƚŽŶŽŵŽƵƐ ǀĞŚŝĐůĞƐ ĐŽŵƉĂŶLJ $ SULO 3URGXFW 'HYHORSPHQW ϱ ŶĞǁ ĂŶĚ ŝŵƉƌŽǀĞĚ ZĐŽƌŶĞƌƐ dD M ay Magna • Strategic partnership to develop and manufacture new Modular EVs ‘Powered by REE’ • Go - to - Market teams to identify world - leading tech & MaaS company opportunities Hino (Toyota’s Truck Arm) • Business Alliance Agreement for next generation commercial mobility solutions, with prototypes by 2022.



S S t t r r a a t t e e g g i i c c c c o o l l l l a a b b o o r r a a t t i i o o n n s s : : ‡ ‡ ((aa TTooyyoottaa ccoommppaannyy)) -- BBuussiinneessss AAlllliiaannccee Roadmap to Production and Revenue Generation 27 S egment Signed A g r eements MO U s P i pel i n e 7RWDO RI 3URJUDPV T o tal 5 2 13 20 YEAR 1 YEAR 2 <($5 Signing of MOU followed by product specification and market assessment Commercial agreement signed, including market assessment and potential 5 - year forecast Program initiation and supplier nomination – expected by Q2 22 Prototype evaluation on non - public roads - testing at customers expected by Q3 22 Public road testing Production or d e r received Commercial production and revenue generation &ŝƌŵ ƵŶŝƚ ŽƌĚĞƌ ƌĞĐĞŝǀĞĚ • - strategic collaboration agreement • - strategic collaboration with EAVX (a JB Poindexter & Co business unit) • - strategic agreement for the development of autonomous vehicles • Co - operation and supply agreement with a MaaS provider ‡ DKh ǁŝƚŚ Ă ŐůŽďĂů ůŽŐŝƐƚŝĐ ĐŽŵƉĂŶLJ • - MOU Segment Signed Ag r ee m ents MO U s Pipeline Total # of Programs ƵƚŽŶŽŵŽƵ Ɛ Ğ ůŝ ǀ Ğ ƌLJ 1 1 V e hi c l es V e hi c l es ( M aa S ) Light Commercial 1 1 6 8 Delivery Vans and TTrruucckkss 1 1 2 4 Mid Duty Commercial 1 Mobility - as - a - Service 2 ϰ 6 T o tal 5 2 13 20 Major Milestones Expected:



U . S .A. 1 2 A sia Europe 3 R EE ’ s S t r a tegic Int e g r a tion C e nte r s 1 Land & Building: 43% A ss e mbly & T e s t in g : 33% Othe r: 23% $15 M Total Cost per IC 2 28 ߤ Z ǁ ŝůů ĂƐƐĞŵ ď ůĞ Đ Ž ŵƉ Ž Ŷ Ğ Ŷ ƚƐ Ă ƚ ŝ ƚ Ɛ ŝ Ŷƚ ĞŐ ƌ Ă ƚŝŽŶ ĐĞŶƚĞƌƐ͕ ƚŚƵƐ ƌĞĚƵĐŝŶŐ ĂƉĞdž ƌĞƋƵŝƌĞŵĞŶƚƐ ߤ džƉĞĐƚ ƚŽ ŚĂǀĞ Ă ŶĞƚǁŽƌŬŽĨ ϭϱ ŝŶƚĞŐƌĂƚŝŽŶ ĐĞŶƚĞƌƐ ďLJ ϮϬϮϲ ǁŝƚŚ ĂŶŶƵĂů ĐĂƉĂĐŝƚLJ ŽĨ Ε ϲϬϬ Ŭ ƵŶŝƚƐ (1) Cost, timing and locations represent management expectation and are subject to change. These projections are for illustrative purposes only and actual outcomes may differ materially. (2) Includes Capex for machinery and tooling, R&D engineering centers, replacement and refurbishment, and other 2021 2022 2023 2024 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Production capabilities: February 16 th – 1 st Engineering Center Established - UK 1 st IC to be Established U.S. 2 nd IC to be Established Europe 3 rd IC to be Established Asia 4 th IC to be Established TBD WůĂŶŶĞĚ ŝŶƚĞŐƌĂƚŝŽŶ ĐĞŶƚĞƌƐ͗ ϮϬϮϮ Ͳ ϮϬϮϰ July 23 – Austin, Texas selected as IC location



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US Integration Center Outline & Assembly Overview 31