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Date: May 13, 2021



Intro-Act SPAC Monthly Monitor

Q&A of the Month: REE Automotive (REE)

In February 2021, REE Automotive (REE), a leader in e-Mobility, entered into a merger agreement with 10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: VCVC) (“10x SPAC”), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company (“SPAC”) formed by 10x Capital. Upon the closing of the transaction, the newly combined company is expected to list on NASDAQ under the new ticker symbol “REE”.


Daniel Barel, CEO and Co-Founder of REE, offered the below commentary on the company and its go-forward market potential.


1.Why a SPAC deal and not an IPO? Why did you choose 10X SPAC as your partner?


The EV space is at an inflection point, as countries and industries become more and more committed to sustainability and decreasing emissions. At REE, we are developing technology that can help accelerate e-Mobility and support a healthier world. This is the right time for an e-Mobility player to go public – especially a player with excellent traction like REE, with marquee partners.


The merger, which values REE at a pro-forma enterprise value of approximately $3.1 billion, is expected to provide more than $500 million of gross proceeds to REE. By going public through a merger with 10X SPAC, REE believes it will have sufficient capital to accelerate mass production of our REEcorner technology and modular EV platforms beginning in 2023.


We believe that this is the right time and means to go public, and are confident that we have picked the right partner. The team at 10X SPAC is very familiar with the technology and EV space and was extremely well suited to partner with us as we move through this transitional phase. 10X SPAC shares our strong commitment to sustainability and is aligned with our vision to promote zero emission EVs for a greener future. We expect that Hans and his team will prove supportive and informed partners helping us to drive sustainable growth and capitalize on the large opportunity ahead of us.






2.Tell us about your technology and product offering. How is your fully-flat REEcorner platform different from conventional EV “skateboards” currently in the market?


REE has developed a proprietary, disruptive technology that is modular and scalable for the E-mobility market, which we believe will enable REE to become the cornerstone of next generation EV vehicles. Our REEcorner™ technology packs critical vehicle components –including steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control – into a single compact module located between the chassis and the wheel, creating a fully flat EV platform.


This innovation allows our customers to leverage unique product advantages:


1)Fitting all of these components into the REEcorner allows REE enhanced modularity compared to traditional EV players, so REE customers can custom-design vehicles to meet their exact needs. With all components directed by REE’s single wheel X-by-Wire technology, vehicles built upon REE technology are agnostic to size and shape - , length, width and height, power source of the vehicle, and manner of control (human or autonomously driven), depending on customers’ specifications.


2)The fully flat EV platforms are designed with a smaller footprint and lower center of gravity than vehicles with the motor located between the wheels, and are intended to carry more passengers, cargo and batteries. This is a critical offering for our key markets, the commercial and Mobility-as-a-Service markets, as REE can pack a significantly larger load on a smaller footprint than traditional skateboards – which we expect would prove very helpful for delivery companies that can deliver more packages on fewer vehicles. Once REE EV platforms are in service as part of a fleet – the operational efficiencies enabled by being able to swap REEcorners in less than an hour drives mean repair times and spare part inventories down for superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


We believe that together, these achievements make REE’s fully-flat and modular EV platforms future-proof, offering a low total cost of ownership and positioning REE to partner with a broad range of mobility players from Class 1 through Class 6. Agnostic to the power source (battery or fuel cell), driver (human or autonomous), and vehicle design, REE is positioned to capitalize on the future of the automotive industry, no matter which direction it moves.


3.Why should investors be interested in REE as opposed to other new EV companies?


REE presents a uniquely compelling value proposition due to three main points. First, as discussed, REE believes its offering is future-proof. Because of the inherent modularity and scalability in REEcorner and platform technology, customers can design their own mission-specific platform that is a best fit for their particular needs. REE’s EV platform presents a cornerstone on which the broadest range of classes can build their vehicles and services. Second, vehicles powered by REE are designed with low step-in heights, superior volumetric efficiencies, and high degrees of maneuverability, supporting a lower total cost of ownership for customers with fast REEcorner replacements, over-the-air-updates and hardware and software upgrades.






Third and most importantly, REE is a true horizontally-integrated player focused on offering a full system solution across most market segments in all classes. Our business model enables us to partner with vertically integrated OEMs, mobility and logistic players by completing their efforts, helping them get to the market faster at lower cost. Rather than compete with traditional Tier 1 suppliers, we intend to partner with them and leverage their global manufacturing capacity. We’ve made significant strides on this front, announcing strategic collaborations with American Axle, Hino Motors (Toyota’s subsidiary), Magna, and Navya in just the last few months since first announcing our go-public process in February 2021.


4.Can you further explain your business model and how you can partner with OEMs?


REE is a true horizontally integrated player targeting the commercial and MaaS markets, and can offer its platform to a broad range of customers, including OEMs and auto manufacturers, delivery and logistics companies, e-commerce companies, retailers, Mobility-as-a-Service companies, and new mobility companies. We believe we have the opportunity to address a total addressable market of over $700 billion by delivering a wide variety of platforms and capabilities, enabling our customers to go to market faster at a fraction of the cost. Rather than compete with leading e-Mobility players, we complete them.


In fact, our business model is predicated on securing partnerships with Tier 1s and OEMs, and we are advancing our goals on this front. REE signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mahindra & Mahindra in 2020 to explore the development of commercial EVs. In April of 2021 alone we have signed three new agreements:


·An agreement with Magna International to jointly develop and bring to market Modular Electric Vehicles for tech companies and new electric mobility players to be ‘Powered by REE’;
·An agreement with Navya, a leader in self-driving solutions and associated services with units sold in 23 countries, to collaborate in the development of autonomous shuttles to carry Navya’s level 4 autonomous solutions; and,
·An agreement with Hino, Toyota’s truck division and one of the largest manufacturers of trucks in Japan, to work to commercialize the FlatFormer concept that REE presented with Hino at the Tokyo Motor show in 2019, and together bring to market a new approach for redefining Mobility-as-a-Service, aiming to have hardware prototypes on the road by 2022.


Finally, only a few days ago on May 7th, 2021, we announced our most recent partnership with American Axle & Manufacturing Inc., a leading global Tier 1 automotive supplier of driveline and metal forming technologies. American Axle and REE have agreed to jointly develop an exciting new electric propulsion system for e-Mobility, and plan to deliver prototypes of the electric drive units by the end of 2021. REE believes that these announcements are votes of confidence in REE’s ability to develop its product and for the team from leading global OEMs, and we look forward to continuing to capitalize on these partnerships and advancing e-Mobility with their and other players’ support in the future.






5.So you expect to be profitable in 2024. How do you get there, and how should investors measure progress in the interim?


We expect to use the proceeds of our merger with 10X SPAC to accelerate mass production of our REEcorner technology and modular EV platforms by 2023. We already see great traction-we have continued to announce strategic collaborations, consisting of MOUs and collaboration agreements and we are devoting employees and other company resources to additional programs. Our production process is supported by our CapEx-light manufacturing model, which will leverage globally-located, low-cost integration centers to reduce the total cost and capital expenditure of manufacturing. Assembling components at our integration centers will support scalable and agile unit economics. We are continuing to execute on this global integration center model, and in February 2021 we announced a new Engineering Center of Excellence in the United Kingdom, here we plan to spearhead REEcorner and EV platform engineering design, validation, verification and testing, as well as product homologation.


We are confident that investors will recognize REE’s progress in the interim—we continue to act on our vision of becoming a preeminent EV player as we secure strategic collaborations with marquee industry players such as Mahindra, Magna, Navya, Hino, and American Axle. We believe that alignment with these industry incumbents demonstrates confidence in REE’s technology and capabilities and further secures our position as a horizontal player.


Additional Information

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